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In the event of a time conflict, I maintain a 24 hour notice policy.  Parents/students must call 24 hours ahead to be offered a make up lesson time, except in the case of illness (sick enough to miss school or work).  I do not offer refunds for lessons missed by students, but will work to find a mutually agreeable make up time with adequate notice.

If I need to miss a lesson, the same 24 hour policy applies to me.  In the event that we cannot find a
make up time, I will offer a credit to next month's tuition.

Practicing and Preparation

Students are expected to bring all materials and notebook to each lesson.  Students are expected to
follow lesson plan, and practice assignments at least five days a week.  For younger children, the lesson length is a good guide for practice time, but it is fine to break it up into several sessions.  For older students, practice length will be discussed in lessons.

Parents of young students are expected to read lesson plan, and encourage good habits.  Parents are
encouraged to sit in on lessons occasionally, and ask questions about assignments.

Teacher is expected to be prepared for lessons and clearly lay out short and long term goals for each
student.  Teacher will keep a log of each student's progress.  Teacher will continue her own musical
development through practicing, performing and lessons.

If you are interested in learning more about lessons and availability, please contact me.